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, american eagle, take off and a small private jet take off. we haven't seen any large jumbo jets you would get on the south side of the airport for american, delta and united taking off. and, in fact, all of the -- i have seen take off -- >> we've been having connection -- jane, if you can hear me, every time you look away from the camera is when we can't hear you. try looking our way when we come back to you next time around, as this situation continues to unfold right now. you know, understandably law enforcement officials do not want to give out too much information because there's an active investigation under way. >> the regional fbi director speaking at that press conference, he said, i'm hear to tell you, we don't believe there was any immediate threat. it's contained. it's a lone shooter but nothing else we can tell you at this time. i believe we have jane wells' shot back. we'll send it over to you, if we're able to hear you at this point. >> reporter: okay. i won't move. i'll stay static because of the technology we're using to try to get on live as soon as ssib only a few planes
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1